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Troy Arnold/Ellen ArnoldHi! Troy and I, this is Ellen, live in an amazing area that just happens to be close to endless, amazing travel options. Reno is nestled between the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Western edge of the Great Basin Desert.  It’s only an hours drive to pristine Lake Tahoe, about three hours away from the ocean and three hours to Yosemite… pretty much smack dab in the middle of a little known recreation wonder land.  We can find an awesome adventure in every destination, no matter which direction we go. Nevada’s rich, diverse landscapes, year-round activities and events offer plenty of options. We hope to share these with you.

Road trips can be spontaneous, inexpensive and adventurous and have been a huge part of our relationship since Troy and I met. Before we got married we found that we travelled well together, had similar travel preferences and really enjoyed life on the road.  With our shared love of adventure, nature, and new discoveries we continue to make new adventures whenever possible. We opted out of a big wedding and took off on an epic road trip along the California coast and eloped on a beach in Santa Cruz. In the beginning we used road trips to blend our families and strengthen our familial bonds. Out youngest daughter, Willow, went on her first road trip to the bay area when she was only three weeks old… she’s become a natural traveler. We use travel as a way for us to re-connect with one another, while educating and expanding our kids experiences. Troy is famous for his spontaneous, last-minute weekend trips. I love it when he calls me from work on a Friday and tells me to start packing. Like most families in todays busy lifestyles, lots of smaller road trips throughout the year work better for our lifestyle than one big vacation.  

Since many of our road trips are suitable for babies/toddlers, teens, and pets we decided to share our experiences and encourage others to get out there and take advantage of everything our area has to offer. We hope you enjoy our blog and look forward to your comments and feedback.

Troys Note: Don’t forget the killer snowboarding and skiing in the winter months!

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