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Nevada Hot Springs Map

Hot Springs Map Of Nevada

Time for an outdoor sauna? Need a truly Nevadan weekend road trip? The Silver State is loaded with amazing hot springs, but not all are safe or easily located. Use our hot springs map to locate a hot springs nearest you! So Reno Road Trippers decided we would start an interactive hot springs map with updated information on hot springs within a road trippable distance from Reno. Many of these locations have free camping sites which we intend to add to the map in the near future. We love to explore our wonderful state and hope to inspire you to get out there. Explore a ghost town, do a little rock hunting, find some opals! Then take a nice relaxing soak.

Help usĀ build a community based hot springs map!

Please share with us any spots we may have missed, or improve upon our directions, recommendations or links. Just submit any recommendations in the comments below the map. Help us build the best hot springs map out there.

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  1. We are working on adding free campsites, rock hounding locations, weird roadside attractions and the like. Please feel free to share your ideas, experiences, etc. here!

  2. Thank you for this collection of wonderful resources. As fairly new NV residents we are very interested in exploring this beautiful state!

    1. So sorry for the late reply, we have been egregiously slow in getting content out. Too much work, too many travel adventures, not enough time. We plan on heading out to a new hot spring we heard about and will post soon!

      1. There are some outside of Unionville called Kyle hot springs. I haven’t been recently, but I know they have been redone, I think into just a bathtub or two besides the concrete source.

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