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Nevada Rockhounding Map

Nevada Rockhounding Map

Being a rockhound means always researching the next great spot to go mineral hunting. Since I was taking the time to enter locations into my GPS I thought it’d be nice to share this resource and save you the work. Most of these locations are primarily sourced from a few key books: Gem Trails of California, Gem Trails of Nevada, Rockhounding California and Rockhounding Nevada. Sites derived from these source books have entries referencing the book and page number for more detailed information. I plan on expanding the map to include sites in California, Oregon and Utah in the future and will also be integrating a form for submitting your own locations. We really hope you enjoy the map and get some use out of it! Please give us your feedback, comments and any missing locales.

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  1. A great place to hunt for citrine, quartz and also rumored amethyst is crystal peak mine in dog valley, right outside of Verdi Nv. It isn’t marked on your map so I figured I would make a suggestion.

    1. OMG I can’t believe I forgot to put that in… Crystal Peak Mine is one of our favorite spots and what got us started in rockhounding. Thanks so much for the reminder I will add that in shortly and prob do an expanded blog post on the area as well.

  2. hji Troy, I hope this finds you happy and hunting.
    My husband and I find ourselves with 4 days to hunt in Reno. We are Docents at the Crater Rock Museum in southern Oregon. Ive always wanted to collect some dead camel { I think its out by Fallon. i’ve try’ed to get in touch with the two guys that have a claim there but to no avail. Walt Harrison I believe is one fella. Also do some bigger crystal finds. smoky or amethyst. We have a 4 wheel drive camper and are eager to explore your country. if your willing and able or even have some guidance please do share a direction. Big smiles, Shona 541.840.9359 text if you like.

  3. I’m not positive the place you’re getting your info, but great topic.

    I must spend some time learning more or figuring out more.
    Thank you for excellent info I was on the lookout for this info for my mission.

  4. If you want to add some locations in Utah try: I visited a couple sites recommended there and found some beautiful agate. Especially “agate hill by Bryce”. Oh, I’ve also found some nice agate at the Lake Lahontan site that you’ve mentioned. One thing; I’m always concerned about trespassing or picking on someone’s claim. Some of the reference books are getting old, so be aware and respectful.

  5. Headed out to Nixon, Black Rock, and that direction in a couple of weeks. Pulling a trailer. Can we park anywhere out there? What is the most productive place to look? Agate Jasper geodes opal wood, etc.

    1. The Black Rock has some amazing pockets of geodes and Apache Tears are abundant just northeast of there which should be in your area. Not sure on the Jasper but sure would love to hear about your experience!

  6. Great site! Interactive maps are very helpful.
    There is a pretty good website/blog for Utah collecting at: . It has interactive map too, with directions and descriptions. On vacation in 2017 went to the “Agate Hill near Bryce Canyon” and saw lots of agate in many colors and sizes.
    From your map I plan on getting down to the sites near Tonopah this September to investigate/collect.

  7. What a great website I am somewhat new to the area and I’ve been trying to find places to go with my family and fun things to do in the area I have found many fun things to do. I highly recommend this for anybody that’s new to the area . Our just looking for a activity to do on a weekend holiday vacation whatever they’ve got it all

  8. Hey! I am new to the area and would like to go to Crystal peak.
    Do you need 4 wheel drive to get there?
    Also how long would it take to get there from Golden valley?
    Thanks all!

    1. It shouldn’t take you more than 45 minutes from Golden Valley. There are two routes, one near the Bonanza (likely the way you would go) and the other entrance through Verdi/Mogul area. Unless there have been some unforeseen washouts you shouldn’t need a 4-wheel drive however as you get to the parking area for Crystal Mountain the road gets a little iffy so I would recommend a high clearance vehicle or just take care when driving around the ruts in the parking lot.

        1. Actually there are two separate routes to Crystal Peak, one through Verdi right behind the Bonanza casino and then the northern route from Bordertown. Try the alternate route and you will find a second crystal mine.

          1. Hi there
            I just was reading this and there is a little mistake here. I have lived in reno 55 years and yes crystal peak park is the Verdi exit or the BOOMTOWN casino exit . 7 miles west of reno see there is a Bonanza casino which is north of reno heading towards border town both BOOMTOWN and border town are at,California borders but crystal peak is at boomtown or Verdi exits . It gets confusing sometimes . BOOMTOWN was Bill and Effies Boomtown when I was a kid . DOG VALLEY is out there too.

  9. Hey Troy, Nice site! Copied the locations to GMaps. Going with my gal to celebrate our 70th birthdays from Seattle to Phoenix via Nevada in March/April. Used to live in the desert so kinda know her moods. Survival gear, guns, and going to have fun. Done some hunting (rock) around Caliente, Alamo, Vegas and Overton. Doing 93 and 95 coming and going. Any added advice you’d like to part with sir? Leave the artifacts where you find them? Frank

  10. Good morning
    Im looking to join a rockhound group.
    I have been collecting specimens for about 20 years but I’m not real knowledgeable at what I have I’m looking for help or a group I can join to learn any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  11. Hi Troy! I have been rockhounding in Northern Nevada for a couple years and would love to find some geodes, crystals, garnets, amethyst! Can you tell me some detailed info on where to go? We go four wheeling all the time. I live near Carson City. I have the Rockhounding Nevada book but it is pretty outdated (a lot of private property etc). Feel free to email me anytime! Thanks, Kim

  12. Hi I want to dig at the famous Hallelujah Junction. I plan on heading there this month on a road trip and am seeking advice on where to go. I have hard rock mining skills via hand tools I make so am seeking something more than dirt digging. Thank you for any advice. Alsoam considering bringing my dog…or not.

  13. Hi I want to dig at the famous Hallelujah Junction. I plan on heading there this month on a road trip and am seeking advice on where to go. I have hard rock mining skills via hand tools I make so am seeking something more than dirt digging. Thank you for any advice. Also am considering bringing my dog…or not. [email protected]

  14. Hello, we’re almost total newbies so hoped you might share some advice. We’ve done a little bit of searching for gold and prefer doing things together as family activities which include 3 kids as young as 5. So, there’s some concern about rattlesnakes and other potential hazards. Do you have any advice in this regard. Are there sites safer than others you’d recommend or is it just not recommended for kids?

    1. We have always had the same concern but never run into a problem, fingers crossed. We teach the kids what to look out for, how to react and what type of areas to avoid. Caution is the best method… the family dog is an entirely different story however. A friends dog was hit by a rattler and went through a lot of vet visits to recover (got super lucky). It’s just a hazard we have to contend with out here.

  15. I have an obscure destination I saw a reference to, but failed to bookmark the reference and can not turn it up yet…there is reportedly another petrified forest location besides Lund Petrified Forest, near Stevens Camp I am sure I remember reading that description, but I can’t turn it up again, yet. Are you aware of another petrified wood location east of SR 34? It’s around there, and not connected to the Virgin Valley petrified deposits.

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