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Top Five Things to Bring Camping with Kids

Happy Toddler Camping

It seems like there are a thousand and one things you have to bring every time you walk out the door, whether its camping or just going to the store. We have found that having a few essential items can really make the day go better. It may seem basic but sometimes it the little things. Check out some of the things we find essential below.

1. Baby wipes!! I can’t stress this enough. They are everything. Kids are dirty. Camping is dirty. Kids camping are unbelievably filthy. Whether your children are new babies or 18-year olds these are a parent’s best friend.

2. Lots of flashlights, lanterns, glow sticks and headlamps. Don’t forget the batteries.

Camping with Kids Using the Headlamp and Water Jug Trick

Troys Note: I highly recommend the headlamp and water in a jug trick and the old, hang a lantern from a tree limb or improvised pole… with kids you can never have enough light. Check out these rubber gear ties that can be really handy, sturdier than rope and easier to deal with.

3. Bug repellent and sunscreen… kids with sunburns and big bites are never fun.

Camping with kids can be tough but is one of the most rewarding activities that the whole family can enjoy. The key is getting out there. Letting the adventure begin!

4. If you have a toddler that’s potty training, or newly potty trained, a pit toilet at a state park or latrine in the wilderness can be tricky. The solution? Bring a little plastic training toilet. Lifesaver!!!

Camping with Kids The Portable Toilet

Troys Note: For the guys out there, get a collapsible shovel. Inevitably you will be the one doing the real dooty duty. I use the Cat Hole method. The best site for a cat hole is at least 200 feet from any water source, trail, or campsite. Using your shovel dig a hole 6″ to 8″ deep and 6″ wide. Take care of business in the hole, and when you are finished just stir in some dirt with a stick and cover with 2 to 4″ of topsoil. Make sure you cover the area with leaves, sticks, and duff to make the site camouflaged. Now if you have a noisy neighbor there are alternative disposal methods haha.

5. Books and a few select toys. Obvious but helpful for when the adults need to set up camp, prepare food, etc. I have a set of toys for our toddler that are for inside the tent only and sand toys, trucks, and plastic dinosaurs for outside. I’m OCD like that.

6. Troys Note: Don’t forget the inflatable pool raft as impromptu toddler bed. Most of them are rounded around the outside, so they don’t roll all over the tent, and you make a nice nest on the inside to keep them toasty and warm. Willow loves it!

The Joys of Camping with Kids

Happy Toddler Camping
Kid Camping Toilet
Kid Camping Toilet
Headlamp Water Jug
Camping Lights
Headlamp and Water Jug Trick
Camp Lighting
Happy Camping with the Kids
Headlamp and Water Jug
Topaz Lake
Happy Toddler Camping Bed

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