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Northern Nevada Rockhounding Books
Nevada Rockhounding Helpful Links

Research and information are the key tools to a successful rockhounding hunt. Some great sites are available below to aid in finding great rockhounding locations.

Nevada Paid Mine Sites
Nevada Rockhounding Facebook Groups

Social media platforms can be a great for getting immediate advice, locations and identification help with your rockhounding hobby. Facebook is particularly active in this area but Instagram & YouTube are especially helpful.

The social media community has a lot of passionate rockhounding enthusiast and experts that share their adventures, finds and knowledge. Don’t be afraid to follow and start a conversation!

Nevada Rockhounding Facebook Groups

YouTube is an amazing resource for learning more about rockhounding and finding great locations.

Nevada Rockhounding Facebook Groups

Joining a rock club is the best way to find valuable rockhounding information in your local area, plus you can connect with some great people who share your hobby. There may be organized trips or activities that you can join, or you might be able to find an experienced club member who is willing to take you out rockhounding. Clubs are also very useful for accessing reference materials and finding assistance in identifying specimens. There may be some interesting books about the geology of your local area that are long out of print, but fellow club members are likely to own them.

Finally, a rock club is an excellent place to learn about equipment from people who have experience using it. You may even be able to borrow or purchase equipment from other members. Start with the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies when you are looking for rock clubs. Their website links to regional sites, and those provide listings of local clubs. Most club listings include the regular meeting times and locations, but it is a good idea to contact the listed representative to confirm. If you are a Reno local be sure to check out the Reno Gem & Mineral Society club. They host field trips and offer additional classes with more focuses on the lapidary arts and jewelry making.

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